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About TetraNoodle

TetraNoodle provides startups with technology consulting services and ongoing education on relevant technical issues.

Technology is an fully integrated part of any modern industry. A successful business today risks extinction by failing to consider the full impact technology may have on any upcoming project - you need a CTO or some type of technology services to efficiently grow your business.

The issue is, finding quality CTO talent that works for your specific situation is a challenge for a business in any stage. Fortunately, TetraNoodle is a cost-effective solution for any technology based issues your organization may have.

Since 2001, we've equipped small businesses with the tools they need to fully utilize their technology resources and efficiently scale their business. Our practical solutions have helped many startups to achieve their technology requirements.


TetraNoodle's Fractional CTO Services

Startups and established companies alike need expert technology leadership. Many modern firms don’t have a full-time CTO yet need experienced technology advisory services to make fast progress toward their product goals.

TetraNoodle can help. With our Fractional CTO services, you get on-demand, scalable and highly experienced strategic and executive guidance on your key technology projects.

TetraNoodle offers brilliant and focused leadership for a total digital transformation of your company. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from TetraNoodle’s Fractional CTO services to remain technologically relevant, grow at a rapid pace, and minimize both risks and costs.

What is a Fractional CTO?

A Fractional CTO is simply an interim Chief Technology Officer who offers the guidance, Trained eyeand trustworthy advice of a full-time CTO for your key projects at a substantial fraction of the cost.

Startup often hire a Fractional CTO in their early stages before they can hire a full-time CTO or to prepare for investment pitches.

This is a cost-efficeint strategy that allows for full-speed technology development on a manageable, scalable budget. Services are procured as required, until the budget is available for a full-time CTO or the project is completed.

Hiring a Fractional CTO also makes sense for many established companies. Use our Fractional CTO services to fill in a hiring gap or as a part-time virtual CTO as required.

How can a Fraction CTO Help?

If you company lacks a full-time CTO or CIO, other executive such as your CEO or Coo have to fill in the gaps. This burdens them unncessarily and wastes valuable time that can be sepent more efficiently elsewhere.

if also often results is an uncertain technology strategy and an executive team that is overwhelmed with vendors and technical jargon. Projects often stall, product quality suffers, and swift technology decisions become challenging and drawn-out.

A fractional CTO fills in this gap, ensuring that your organization has an efficent, always-moving and expert-planned technology strategy. your CTO oversees your projects to guarantee maxinum cost efficiency. Furthermore, release Quality is ensured, and your firm always relevant and competitive.



Our CTO services can save you between 50-75% of the costs a conventional CTO would incur. Furthermore, we deliver result quicker than traditional technology departments as we are focused on rapid technology implementation. External technology services are much more flexible than a CTO as we operate under your direct command, and can easily tailored our services to your needs, on your terms.


We take all kinds of clients, but long term clients are our favorite.We want to be a trusted part of your term far into the future as a trusted advisor. As an executive augmentation service we thrive when you thrive. We look forward to developing a true and trusted relationship with all new client.


Our role as external consultants help us think in an unbiased, strategic, manner for your company. An outside view, specifically one that is experience within the technology field, can often be game changing.


Experienced technology executive leaders. Our team draws executives from multiple company all over the industry.This vast perspective is useful for the decisions you, and your company, will be faced with.


We are firmly focused on scaling your business in a way that works for you. We place great emphasis on rapid technology implementation which lead to faster, more sustainable, growth than a traditional CTO could promise.

Point of Contact

As we are based directly within the global technology field we boast a vast network of technology contacts for any need. We help you find the right vendors and suppliers for your need using our network, ensuring you get good work, done fast.


Our technology services allows for increased agility at fractional costs. We thrive when you thrive, our model provides the most value we can for your company.


We take great pride in our ability to align technology spending with business objectives. We define, and measure ROI and report back to you so you can make any decision in an informed manner.

Reduced Risk

We report to you on your terms. You can decide what those terms are, as best suits your needs. Flexibility as to the terms of our agreement provides you with reduced risk and the ability to pivot at any point.




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