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We specialize in solving complex people, processes, and technology problems using Data Science. We help our customers save time and money in running mission-critical AI & ML projects.

Trusted by the Biggest Names in the World

What We Offer:

Data Science and Engineering

Empower your products with the power of cutting-edge AI-ML models

Cloud Data Engineering

Build data pipelines that connect your data on-premise and in cloud

Data Products Engineering

Develop AI-powered data products with our product development expertise

Data Analytics

Unearth the insights hidden within your data, become a data-driven firm

AI Consulting

Confidently navigate the complex world of AI with our expert advice

What We Do

Early-Stage Start-ups that want to embed AI into their products

Small and Medium Businesses that cannot have their own AI teams

Large Enterprises who need AI expertise to guide their teams

Why You Need Data Science & AI Consulting​

Automatically extract knowledge and insights from various sources of big data.

Make effective business decisions, based on reliable observations and predictions.

Reduce fraud and protect the legacy of your business by understanding what your data says.

Better understand your customers, personalize their experience, automate, and improve business processes using advanced data-based technologies.

Most companies record growing revenues and cost reductions thanks, to the successful implementations of data science solutions.

Making Global Impact


Years of hands-on experience in data science, AI, and technology consulting.


Millions lives impacted through the projects we delivered in the data science, AI, and technology world.


Million value generated worldwide for corporations and startups all over the world. 

Empowering Your Industry With Data Science And AI Technology Consultancy

Leverage the power of data and technology to improve patient treatments, diagnosis, and overall wellness. Innovate and make healthcare better at every level from patient to administrator.

Achieve maximum operational efficiency, mitigate risks and increase customer & employee satisfaction. Optimize the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Empower students to learn at their own pace supports teachers with robust feedback, and provides administrators with useful student data & actionable insights. Provide better learning outcomes in the present and equip students for the economy of the future.

Are you from a different industry? Contact us for data science and AI consulting and learn how we can help you make a difference. 

Supercharge your retail and e-commerce business by understanding each shopper in real time. Give your shoppers exactly what they want and build a loyal customer base.

Exploit technology to create compelling products and deliver a seamless customer experience while reducing risk. Reduce risks, serve your clients better, and make your money work harder.

Reduce production and logistics costs, be more efficient, and eco-friendly, and improve customer satisfaction. Understand the needs of your clients/partners and engage with them the right way.

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How We Work

4 E model

Successful AI depends on choosing the right problem to solve using AI. Quality and availability of data are critical success factors for AI projects. Our unique 4 E model ensures you always save time, money and keep your bottom line on track.



Identify, prioritize, and curate data science engineering use cases



Perform thorough due diligence to maximize the impact



Build solutions using Konverge’s proprietary frameworks



Offer Support for continued succes

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