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Austin Peay University | Desire2Learn

Their problem: 30% of students drop out of universities, and do not complete their courses. Desire2Learn in partnership with Austin Peay University had the idea of building a patented technology, called Degree Compass to help educational institutions solve this problem and meet their graduation goals.

Our solution: They contacted us to turn their ideas into a real product, which could scale and serve millions of students globally. Within 6 months, we developed a patented AI-based system with a course recommendation technology just like Netflix.

Results: Students using the Degree Compass system take 20% more courses to earn their degree, and the drop-out rates decline dramatically. The program was so successful that it got special attention & mentions from President Barack Obama and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

MineHub | Transformative Efficiency

Their problem: MineHub is a blockchain company serving global giants in mining. They wanted to reduce risk and errors in the mining supply chain – where each shipment is worth tens of millions of dollars.

Our solution: We build an optimal blockchain-based solution according to their requirements. The system was designed to provide end-to-end provenance for shipments worth millions of dollars.

Results: The solution was immediately adopted by big names like BHP, Capstone Mining, Wheaton, ING, and many others. The company went public within 1.5 years and is currently listed on the stock exchange with a market cap of ~$55M.

Wiivv Technology

Their problem: Wiivv wanted to bring an innovative 3D printed orthotic to the market. They had raised $7.5M and secured several thousand orders for their product. But they had no way to fulfill the orders – because of gaps in execution.

Our solution: We quickly did a PPT (people, process, and technology) assessment. Discovered the bottlenecks, and fixed them. Within a span of 9-months fulfilled all the orders and released 3 industry-changing products. Built multiple patented technologies in additive manufacturing and 3D printing domains.

Result: 3k+ orders were delivered within the time frame, helped the company raise multiple rounds in funding, and helped the company secure a white labeling deal with Bayer (a $43B German conglomerate).


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Wondering What Your Business May Need Data Science And AI For? Check Out Some Use Cases

Save Millions For Your Business With Anomaly Detection

  • Big tech like Facebook, Microsoft, and more use anomaly detection to protect their online services from outside threats.
  • Anomaly detection finds unexpected events in your data sets that differ from normal behavior.
  • It’s helpful in preventing cyber-attacks, monitoring the performance of IT systems, and avoiding problems from ever happening.

Discover The Next Big Thing With Pattern Recognition

  • Using pattern recognition, Walmart increased 10%-15% in online sales for $1 billion in incremental revenue. 
  • Amazon collects around 1 exabyte of purchase history data and uses Big Data & pattern recognition to optimize the supply chain, price optimization, user experience, and make more sales. 
  • Pattern recognition helps companies spot trends in customer purchasing behavior and increase decision-making speed. 

Foresee The Future With Predictive Analytics

  • Netflix earns billions in customer retention using predictive analytics accounting for over 80% of the content streamed on the platform.
  • Google uses predictive analytics to predict your search habits so that it can serve up more relevant ads making it a $150 billion business. 
  • You can use predictive analytics to forecast future business outcomes based on past data, better serve customers, and make more informed business decisions.

Automate Customer Service With Conversational Systems

  • The voice assistant market which was worth USD 11 billion in 2019 is now expected to grow by 17% by 2025.
  • According to Chatbots Magazine, businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30% by using chatbots.
  • Build a conversational system to give your customers real-time, personalized experiences across multiple channels. 

Recommendation And Personalization Systems

  • User and customer satisfaction typically are highest when products and services are tailored to people’s needs or interests.
  • Keeping customers happy and engaged means they likely will continue to return especially if they can get the right product at the right time in the right channel, with the right offer communicated using the right message. 
  • These tools allow businesses to effectively engage with customers and provide better value — who are able to find the things they want at their fingertips.

Make Sense Of Unstructured Data With Classification & Categorization

  • Companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook use classification and categorization in their analysis of users’ behavior and personal information to improve the services they offer.
  • Netflix uses a system of classification and categorization to help users find content on the site and predict which films customers will like.
  • Thanks to data science tools, businesses now have real capabilities to sort through large volumes of data and categorize or classify it based on similar characteristics.


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Successful AI depends on choosing the right problem to solve using AI. Quality and availability of data are critical success factors for AI projects. Our unique 4 E model ensures you always save time, money and keep your bottom line on track.



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