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15 July 2019

GCP packages and program options for startups- Understand what you need!

Since its inception, the Google Cloud Platform has grown into one of the leading cloud computing platforms on the market. Google’s continuous efforts to make GCP more attractive to customers and competitive with other public cloud providers have brought it into the top space in the market. Google cloud for startups has especially gained momentum […]

12 July 2019

Does Amazon AWS Make Sense for a Small Business?

Is there any online business that Amazon is not willing to try its hand at? Starting off humbly as an online bookstore, the company has become a giant in the industry. Today, books are only a very small part of what it offers. Considering that Amazon has established itself as one of the leading global brands, […]

10 July 2019

Recursion pharmaceuticals on GCP – A Success Story!

About the company Recursion Pharmaceuticals uses technology at each step in drug discovery. The company headquartered in the Salt Lake City was founded in 2013, combines artificial intelligence with bioinformatics and experimental biology in a hybrid lab-to-cloud platform to identify treatments for any disease that Can be modeled at the cellular level. The main aim of […]

2 July 2019

Now IMS says that GCP is hands-down the best

Event logistics are so critical to get right because even a minor logistics oversight can sabotage the whole event. There is a need to manage security and lots of real-time data from applications, social media, sensors, and users. Now IMS, an incident management platform is modernizing event security by using centralized and intelligent security command […]

26 June 2019

Descartes Labs now have a virtual supercomputer on demand – That’s GCP for you!

Descartes Labs headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico has created a cloud-based supercomputing platform to apply machine intelligence to enormous datasets. The mission of the company is to understand the planet better, both for the profit and for the good of humanity. The company now uses advanced data analytics and satellite imagery processing on Google […]