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About TetraNoodle

TetraNoodle is a fractional CTO/CIO services firm founded by veteran Chief Technology Officers and senior IT executives. We provide fractional CTO services for companies of all sizes who need the guidance of an experienced, part-time Chief Technology Officer.

We launched TetraNoodle so that companies like yours could benefit from being able to hire a CTO on-demand for the following and more:
  • To design, clarify and implement your technology strategy.
  • Identify your top technology risks and opportunities for growth.
  • To ensure that your technology vision aligns with your business goals.
  • To rely on a highly experienced, proven strategic viewpoint for your technology goals.
  • Define which projects offer the greatest ROI and are your highest priority.
  • To fill in hiring gaps or fill in the role of a CTO until you can make a full-time hire.
We aim to offer a wide spectrum of Software and Cloud Computing Consulting Services; Business-Technology Consulting, Internet and E-Business
Consulting, System Integration, Custom Application Development, training & workshops from global software experts and application re-engineering


Our Mission and Purpose :

We started TetraNoodle because we saw how many startups and established companies can benefit tremendously from the strategic guidance of a fractional CTO.

In the modern economy, a lack of effective technology guidance ends up being a significant detriment to organizations. However, there are an increasing number of startups and even established businesses that lack that CTO position entirely, requiring other executives to fill in the role, often with great inefficiency.

We know how valuable interim CTO guidance can be for firms of all sizes. We also help fill the need for companies that are between CTO hires and need their technology projects to keep moving seamlessly.


We Keep You Competitive :

Major players in nearly every industry rely on a CTO for guidance and direction on their key projects. To compete with the top companies in your industry, you need similar expertise heading your technology strategy.

With a limited budget or time constraints, your best option is often a fractional CTO. With flexible compensation options and scalability, you can ensure that your greatest technology needs are always being met.

Do you really need a fractional CTO? Many companies do, and we can meet with you at no obligation to determine if you can benefit from hiring one of our interim CTOs.

Our core values

Growth of clients’ business is prior most concern for us. We think & work like business partners, not as an advisors. We share our clients’ goals, work to understand their needs, and align our incentives with their objectives.

Integrity Properties

We look to integrate all processes to give an optimised supply chain solution for our clients.

Quality Services

Quality is central to whatever we do. We believe that it is better not to do a job than a shady one.

Continuous Improvements

We are good at our work but still look to improve by learning continuously and innovate.


We always look towards long term gains than short ones. Our efforts are to create long-term sustainable solutions for our clients

Innovation Solutions

We continuously look to innovate and improve our solutions. In today’s world, a laid back approach never works.

Operational Excellence

Operationally we want to deliver the businesses we consult the best solutions and hence generate results for them.