software and cloud computing services

TOP REASONS TO HIRE A Cloud Computing Consulting Firm

Top Challenges of Cloud Computing Cloud computing has been a hot buzz word for last few years. But...

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convolution neural networks

Teaching computers how to see like humans with Convolution Neural Networks

Digital Image Processing: Google’s vast index had more than a trillion images some years ago. This number can’t...

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Encouraging Women Is My Mission

A well-known technology leader and entrepreneur, Manuj Aggarwal, has made it his mission to empower woman in the...

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Cloud computing

Cloud Computing: Businesses are embracing the cloud

Business Spending on IT Services is on the Rise More businesses are upgrading technology services. Given the complexities...

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CTO services

CTO as a Service

The software industry inherently goes through numerous changes. The newest trend in the market is the use of...

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These Design Rules Will Help You Produce Kickass 3D Models

Over the past decade, there has been a convenient and constant surge in digital media consumption, and we...

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How to install VirtualBox

Here is a short video which explains how to install VirtualBox For more information, please refer to the...

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Healthcare Industry In Next 5 Years

We’ve been overusing the term Artificial Intelligence and AI with everyone we meet online and offline. Mostly inspired...

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Infographic: How Continuous Integration Works And The Big Benefit Talks About

The world moves fast. The digital world? Some days it feels as if it moves even faster—at the...

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Manual and guide for Oracle VM VirtualBox

Please refer to the detailed manual found here.

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Install AWS CLI Client

Please refer to the official documentation here to install the AWS CLI Client for your operating system.

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6 Skills that will make you more marketable

Have you have asked yourself why you are not making commendable progress in your career or life in...

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How to improve your IT career in 4 simple steps

Did you know that social media behemoth Facebook, plans to phase out the smartphone in 10 years’ time?...

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AWS database high availability

This post will take you through the important concepts regarding AWS database high availability. It explains many concepts...

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Apache Mesosphere and DC/OS – Introduction to containerization at hyper scale

A concept that sits at the heart of Apache Mesos, Containerization is a virtualization method for the deployment...

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Introduction to OpenStack – Open Source IaaS Cloud Platform 101

Started as a collaboration project between Rackspace Hosting and the US Space Agency NASA, OpenStack has swiftly grown...

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Read, read, read. Read everything!

A certain writer once said “knowing how to read and not reading books is like owning skis and...

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