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For Startups

The data science and AI consulting services we provide go far beyond the typical machine-learning or data-mining services offered by others. Startups are the ones who are most keen to make the most of their investments. Therefore, our consulting proof of concept (POC) is tested and proven — we try not to reinvent the wheel thereby mitigating risks. We are not just data ninjas when it comes to assisting early-stage startups; we combine human and business intelligence with social psychology to provide holistic technical advice for your product.


For SMBs

We work with Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)  to discover how data can help you compete better, drive growth, and achieve operational efficiency. Our data science and AI consulting services help you get the right answers to your most complex problems. Moreover, your biggest problem probably isn’t the lack of good ideas but you have too many good ideas — ideas that are both numerous and great — and you don’t have the time/resources to implement them all. You need an objective source of insights to tell you which ideas will provide you with the highest ROI. We provide transparent and reliable solutions, so you can be sure that your company is making the right decisions. 


For Enterprises

The customer experience has evolved over the years and has become more digitalized. Now, enterprises focus on building stronger relationships with their customers to drive business growth. Therefore you are now looking for solutions that will help you provide a better customer experience, reduce operational costs and increase revenue. Our data science and AI consulting services help you understand the patterns in your data and derive actionable insights. We use predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, and AI to build innovative solutions that help you gain a competitive advantage by optimizing your business processes and creating customer-centric products and services. We offer end-to-end consulting solutions for all major industries and we have been doing this for more than 30 years.

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“As an executive and someone that is so reserved when it comes to putting myself out there, it was difficult finding someone I could trust in taking this daunting journey of building my own brand. Thanks to Manuj and his team, I am extremely grateful for the numerous opportunities I have opened with the credibility booster system”

Divya Nambiar, Senior Associate, Cognizant


“When you are in a situation of drastic change, Manuj is the right person to talk to. Simply put, the power of networking and credibility building is underrated and Manuj means business in changing the narrative.”

Joseph Nakhla, VC + Founder, Bazinga


“Manuj has a very pragmatic, collaborative attitude – an innate ability to lay out options in clear business terms. I enjoyed working with Manuj especially as he helped me stand out and started getting inbound opportunities and invites for board seats.”

Stephen Michaud, Development Director, Electronic Arts

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