How we helped

Ride-Sharing App

Reduce Development Cost by 90%

Flok Technologies Inc reduce DevelopmentCost by 90%

Business Problem

Ride-Sharing app company wanted to develop a ride-sharing app specifically targeting events and school. The major problem was to develop the app  and technology within the limited resources.

Ride Sharing App
In Limited Resources


Helped them to reduce the solution development cost by almost 90%. And now working on GTM and Technical Strategy.

Cost Reduction

GTM Strategy

Our Solution


Helped them rethink the technical solution development

– Helped them put up a solution document

– Helped them evaluate existing quotes

– Proposed a cost-effective alternate solution

Put to together a solution development Team

– Underlined the team requirement

– Interviewed several development teams

– Finalized the development terms with the finalized Team


How we helped Wearables Technology in developing their technology with Deep Learning Tech

Optimized the resources

Optimized the resources for development by over 90%

– Started the development with the Team

– Tracked the entire development

– Tested the developed Technology w.r.t business proposition

Helped them in their GTM Strategy and Technical Development

– Connecting them with Stakeholders

– Finding market opportunities for them

– Maintaining the technology for them

Strategy and development

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