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21 October 2019

Top 7 Joomla! 3.5 extensions you must have

If you want to get into the world of Joomla!, you must know its most popular extensions. Why? The reason is, they can give your site security, accessibility, great design, and many other things that will make it a number one domain. Extra features that will make your life easier Joomla! is already a rich-featured […]

16 October 2019

How to effectively run a remote start-up?

The world is changing. Technology is making life easier for us. A couple of years back, the office used to be a major part of our daily life. Back then, even till now, anybody with a real job had to go to the office irrespective of whether he or she likes it or not. While […]

16 October 2019

  • Posted by: Harini Srikanth      /
  • Category: Big Data

How Big Data Can Improve Employee Engagement

Big Data is upending every industry in the most profound ways. We live in a time when data generation is increasing at a meteoric pace. This has resulted in the concept of Big Data – massive amounts of raw information that can potentially give us the insights needed to enact meaningful and progressive changes. Google’s CEO […]

15 October 2019

  • Posted by: Manuj Aggarwal      /
  • Category: Apps

6 Best practices you should follow when developing apps

Apps are revolutionizing how business is conducted as well as how people transmit information through various mediums. Creating an app requires expertise and commitment on the part of the developer. You may be having all the resources and skills but still fail to produce an app that appeals to the users. A majority of the […]

14 October 2019

  • Posted by: Harini Srikanth      /
  • Category: DevOps

Jenkins to the rescue!

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is this automated build that helps in integrating frequent work of every developer working on the server construction and highlight errors. An easy way to understand the role of Jenkins is to use an analogy of a building site construction. There are many aspects involved when a site is constructed: bricks […]