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19 June 2019

Liftigniter – Achieving amazing results with GCP

Modern day customers are more demanding than ever. The process of engaging the consumers instantly based on the information and breaking news has become the need of the hour. Companies have to maintain a consistent relationship with their customers with cutting-edge data. Liftigniter, a California based company utilizes augmented intelligence to help organizations transform the […]

18 June 2019

AWS, Azure, and GCP – What’s best for your startup- A comprehensive analysis!

So  The biggest challenge for any company is to keep their data safe and accessible at the same time. Keeping this in mind we have done a comprehensive analysis for you between the three biggest players in the cloud computing market- AWS, Azure, and GCP so as to help you in making an informed choice. […]

14 June 2019

Machine Learning on GCP- For crucial on-time business decisions

Machine Learning (ML) is all about “letting machines make better decisions for us.” Machine learning as the application of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world of technology. The field of cloud computing is not untouched by the importance of machine learning. With the cloud, it is possible to digest, ingest, and analyze huge amounts of […]

11 June 2019

Why are the best startups moving to Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has gained traction amazingly fast and has created opportunities for companies to develop businesses on top of the open source project. It has become one of the favored systems of running distributed software applications amongst startups.   Kubernetes- the cloud-native Google created this new application management technology five years ago which began with a […]

9 June 2019

Leverage the power of Big Data on GCP- Take your startup to the next level

A combination of a great idea, good team, decent funding, and a keen audience is the key for a startup to succeed and if the startup is data-driven then rest assured all these things are covered. Most of the entrepreneurs assume that Big Data is for big organizations only, which is actually not the case. […]