The executive connection

The leaders of today’s largest corporations need to solve complex, challenging problems. Business executives need fresh ideas and perspectives to stay ahead of the game.

Past results are no guarantee of future success. And current business processes, tools, and staff may be the only thing holding their businesses back.

Innovation is the core of every successful corporation. And that goes for even the oldest and most experienced ones. Innovation is not something you do for a year and then forget about. It is an ongoing process – a philosophy – which must be embraced day in day out to stay ahead of the competition.

But wading through endless data and trying new techniques is dry, time-consuming, and often fruitless.

And worse, not having enough time is all too common in senior roles.

As companies grow, the chance of keeping a fresh and relevant image becomes harder.

The market is now very different from 10 – 20 years ago. So the environment we live in has changed. Today customers are more demanding, they want faster results and they need to know what is going on throughout the supply chain process.

With all the hype around digital, AI and automation companies are having a difficult time coping with this quantum change in technology.

What makes a company stick to its old ways long into the future? Fear of change. Fear of what alternatives may bring.

And what does this lead to? The risk of missing out on opportunities. Of not capitalizing on the need for something new.

A new perspective is desperately needed. That’s why executives, from small-time start-ups to large companies, come to us to stay updated with the most recent trends in marketing, management, and business development – just like you have.


Strategic business advisory services for mature companies

How do you feel about your company’s innovation story?

Obsolete ideas. Outdated strategies. The status quo has not worked for a long time and you know it.

As a senior executive in your organization, you feel like a stranger in a very strange land. There are new technologies and buzzwords popping up every day.

All these changes are affecting your business now – even if you aren’t sure how exactly – and it’s affecting your bottom line. But who can follow it all?

The world is changing fast, technology and ways of doing things are changing so quickly that you are struggling to keep up.

Your business needs to be at the forefront of innovation. The way you’re doing things now, it’s only a matter of time before disruption happens.

You need fresh ideas and perspectives in your new approach.

You need expert guidance on how you can utilize technologies like AI, blockchain to optimize your business and break into new markets.

You need to keep the consumers happy and keep the shareholders and the board happy.

We offer you advice from qualified experts who have years of experience in dealing with executives like yourself. Our clients typically come to us when they see an issue or a problem that can be solved through innovative solutions and we create value for them by helping them solve these issues efficiently and effectively.

Let our experts sort through all your options, and give you access to all these breakthrough ideas without having to go looking for them yourself.

Hiring and training services for mature companies

How are you growing your human capital?

Finding, hiring and retaining good staff is a mammoth task. Especially when the demand for top talent is so high and their time so short.

The stakes are high in large corporations. You’re looking for someone with drive, ensuring that the right qualities make it into stakeholders management and that you get to keep the team productive and reach targets.

Hiring staff who aren’t truly dedicated to your company can mean costly turnover, time spent training, resources lost and customer relations affected.

Hiring is hard.

Sifting through resumes is hard.

Reading between the lines of promising cover letters is hard.

Conducting interviews is hard.

There’s just way too much time spent trawling through applications, interviewing candidates, only to find that half of these are just wasting your time.

Hiring is only one aspect of managing a large workforce. You have to train them effectively! You have to ensure they can perform their duties in the field.

Nurturing your people means giving them access to affordable, up-to-date training and development in the form best suited for their needs and location.

We make finding the right candidates fast and easy through our AI-based predictive software. A technology that applies psychology and behavioral insights to assess the right kind of talent you need. And allows you to train employees at a professional level which re-inforces their knowledge, building strong foundations for retention.

This results in a passionate, dedicated workforce who enjoys working for you.

Sales and marketing services for mature companies

How are you leveraging AI and other technologies to grow?

Growth is essential, but large firms have become intensely competitive and saturated markets. That’s why large companies don’t grow any more – they keep successful by shifting their growth from acquisition to retention.

But this can only take you so far.

Most large companies are already operating at peak capacity. Despite more spending on advertising, they have already won over their target market.

Gaining new customers is harder than ever. So the next best thing is to sell to existing ones. But how do you stay on top of the competition and be remembered amongst all the clutter of advertisements?

Large corporations are looking elsewhere for revenue; they are approaching maturity.

To make matters worse – corporations also have a branding challenge.

The average person has a negative view of large corporations. They see them as distant and maybe even a little inhuman.

Large companies can humanize their brands, connect with a wide audience, capture more customers — and break into new markets.

We use science, psychology, artificial intelligence, and technology to help you improve brand loyalty and capture customers.

Our AI solutions are made for human psychology and are powered by empathy to address peoples real problems, discomfort, fears, and desires

Using AI and psychological principles, our solutions bring back the personal touch in marketing by connecting brands with their consumers directly.

Digital transformation for mature companies

Are you changing with time or you don’t care?

Many corporations need better ways to track operations, manufacturing, shipping, compliance, billing, and on and on.

Most of the time they have to resort to using spreadsheets and paper-based systems resulting in an inability to scale effectively.

Businesses are wasting time & money maintaining slow, inefficient, insecure, and inflexible systems. Too much time is spent checking for errors rather than working on growing the business.

Limited functionality. Insecurity. No integration with the rest of your business systems or capabilities. Unnecessary operational risk and complexity.

That’s the present state of many business processes today – resulting in sub-optimal financial performance, processes that are too rigid or slow to respond to change, and an IT environment that’s challenging to manage and support.

With the right tool for task automation, you can be sure your workforce will be more efficient, more productive, and more profitable, thereby strengthening your overall business position as well as increasing opportunities for innovation, and collaboration.

Finding your way on the digital battlefield is hard. You look for a compass and what do you find? Tools like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ERP, CRM, Inventory systems, and many more – all to be optimized individually.

Your employees are spread out over the globe.

What they need is a map of how to best use all available tools in order to create something meaningful and even profitable.

We help you fully embrace the new technology by automating processes and integrating systems so that people can focus on what really matters – creating true value for their customers.

Due diligence services for mature companies

Are your systems and infrastructure safe, secure, and free of fraudulent activities?

In the current economic climate, large companies and governments are paying more attention than before to the risks of system vulnerabilities, security breaches, corruption, and fraudulent activities.

This has created a growing demand for due diligence processes that help companies identify any gaps in their technology, people or practices.

Companies suffer from IT failures and fraudulent activities leading to a potential financial catastrophe.

How will these errors or fraud be expanded in the future? Nobody knows for sure, not even companies themselves.

It’s no secret that security is a massive problem. Organizations large and small are continuously coming under attack.

What’s more, with new anti-privacy laws being passed every other month, hackers have become more brazen. They know that even if they get caught, the fines aren’t enough to bother with.

An extensive due diligence program can offer advanced warning of future risks and potential damages caused by IT security and other vulnerabilities. A thorough and detailed audit uncovers all existing flaws and makes the right strategic investments in IT security possible.

This means that every dollar invested in a due diligence program is one that saves many more dollars further down the road. Businesses that put such programs into place are later rewarded by having more accurate forecasts for their growth potential.

In big corporations, there is no place for errors. They need audit trails and historical logs of events so everything can be checked with due diligence . Everything needs to be tracked, optimized, and judged.

Being thorough is smart, but being thorough is also expensive and time-consuming.

In today’s fast-paced world, you need answers now. Our technology due diligence solution is perfect for getting the right answers swiftly, simply, and intelligently.

Intellectual property management services for mature companies

What makes your IP portfolio unique?

Intellectual property is one of the core assets of a mature corporation but it is no easy task to organize all the IP assets. There is a significant risk that this can result in a failure to identify infringements, causing financial damage to your company.

Large companies can expect to spend several million dollars on legal costs related to patents.

However, the vast majority of patents and trademarks are not even used by organizations after they have been registered.

Large corporations can get overwhelmed with managing their IP portfolio.

There are a number of reasons for this — some are cultural, others because there simply aren’t the right tools to help make it easy.

Controlling and managing your IP efficiently is complex. you will need to deal with various stakeholders (from the R&D team to marketing, from patent maintenance to tracking infringement), several IP assets (intellectual property rights), they all have intricate relationships with each other (patent and trademarks are often confused with copyrights) which makes it difficult for even IP professionals to manage.

We have the expertise to manage your IP portfolio. Our team of experts will make sure that you get the best possible results for your intellectual property investment.

Our experts come from backgrounds as diverse as database management, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and biology. We’re ready to handle product design, brand protection, procurement, and prosecution services for your business. Mix and match our services to meet your needs – we’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure your intellectual property program is a success.