023 | Utilize Fear To Create Greater Success And Well-being, With Dr. Carla Manly

Manuj Aggarwal interviews Dr. Carla Manly, a clinical psychologist, author, and advocate discuss the relevance of psychology in business and the skills to utilize fear, for business success effectively.

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In this episode we will learn:

  • Understand the difference between realistic and unrealistic fear
  • Understand the joy and how it is related to our fears
  • How to figure out what is holding you back and overcome it
  • Importance of understanding the messages that are holding us back
  • How to face your moment of truth and figure out what you want
  • How to use your technology wisely and not let it affect you
  • How to overcome the fear of oneself
  • How to explore your fears and get the best out of yourself
  • How to forgive yourself for the mistakes in your past and move on to the next phase with a lesson
  • Importance of having empathy and compassion for yourself
  • How self-esteem is essential for the business
  • How to harness your fears and use them right
  • How to increase motivation from fear
  • How to perform better irrespective of your fears

About Dr. Carla Marie Manly:

Dr. Carla Manly is a well-known clinical psychologist and wellness expert based in Sonoma County, California with a sound background in real estate business.

  • Education – Master’s degree in counseling. Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.
  • Experience – Dr. Carla had a business background in real estate investment (real estate broker), teaching, counseling, psychology (private practice), speaking, and author.
  • Accomplishments – Dr. Carla’s first book, Joy from Fear is now available (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles.com, and bookstores everywhere). Her second book is due out in the fall of 2019.
  • Fun Fact – She is a yogi, meditation leader, and wellness fan.  She craves going on walks like most people crave a good burger.
  • Obstacles Overcame – Dr. Carla always wanted to be a psychologist and author since at least 3rd grade.  She had so many challenges and obstacles to overcome, yet each challenge has made her wiser and more accomplished.  Now, She finally has fulfilled my lifelong dream of working as a clinical psychologist, author, and advocate.

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