026 | Turn A 3-Figure Business To A 6-Figured One In 12 Months, With Ginni Saraswati

Ginni Saraswati and Manuj Aggarwal discuss how to build a business from 3 figures to 6 figures in 12 months, including a professional insight on the media and software industry.

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In this episode, we will learn:

  • How to build a business from the ground up
  • How to be goal driven and focus on the bigger picture
  • How to avoid mistakes associated with building a business
  • How to learn from your negative experiences and treat them as lessons learned
  • How to delegate the work and enable your team
  • To grow a business from 3 figures to 6 figures in 12 months
  • How to handle personality challenges
  • The importance of the media industry in businesses
  • The future of the media and software industry and how to position yourself and your business.

About Ginni Saraswati

Ginni Saraswati is an award-winning journalist known to stun many a personality with her quick-witted introductions and on-air antics. She left Paula Abdul in a laughing fit and Havana Brown choking! She has interviewed them all, from K.D. Lang, Jennifer Beals, Ruby Rose to Martina Navratilova and the list goes on! She’s a gay Sri Lankan immigrant who has had quite a lot of adventures in her life and has made it to the top of her career.

  • Education – Ginni has a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Media Studies from La Trobe University.
  • Experience – Ginni is a podcast producer and content creation specialist with significant experience in the media industry. She is the founder and CEO of Ginni Media which she founded in January 2018 after working as a TV presenter with Bent TV, Australia. She is the Host, Writer and Executive Producer of the Ginni Show and also the Vice President of Robert’s Wish Inc. Ginni has garnered quite a significant experience in the media industry and the business world at large.
  • Accomplishments – Ginni has earned quite many awards and nominations including the Edward R Murrow award, and the Australian Broadcaster & Presenter of The Year Nominee. She has launched her talk show, The Ginni Show.
  • Fun Facts – She invites listeners to follow her show, the Ginni show so that they can follow the hilarious journey life of a young Sri Lankan gay immigrant woman growing up in Australia with guest appearances from Ginni’s aunties, 170 cousins, and celebrities.
  • Obstacles Overcame – She came from a country where her sexuality is a criminal offense and having to handle the challenges of her sexuality and personality with family, friends and the general public and have at the same time pulled through in her businesses.

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