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Welcome to this episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams show”. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be having a very interesting conversation with Russell Dalgleish.

Russell Dalgleish, also known as the “Tall Scottish Guy”, has had a thriving career as not only a serial entrepreneur but an Investor, Strategist, Director, and member of the Advisory Board at the Scottish Government’s Board of Trade and Public sector incubator CivTech Programme.

He is a board-level advisor, coach, or mentor with the drive, international experience, and global network to make a difference.

Apart from that, he is also an articulate speaker or a panel member with an in-depth appreciation of business in our disruptive age.

Russell is the founding Managing Partner of the advisory group, Exolta Capital Partners as well as an angel investor. In his earlier career, he has held board leadership positions with International companies achieving turnover in excess of £200m.

Today he sits on the boards on ten companies and organizations covering  Technology, Leadership, Legal and Educational sectors.

 In 2015 he co-founded Scottish Business Network, which is now the largest Business diaspora based network in the UK and has been recognized as one of the top 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs.

Here we learn about:

  • (1:44) Russell shares stories about his entrepreneurial journey.

  • (3:45) Russell’s transition from a technological background to the business background.

  • (5:21) Should people become an expert in one lane or try to be multi-faceted?

  • (7:16) Different styles of business in different places.

  • (8:56) What percentage of countries are safe to do business in?

  • (10:12) The story behind the name “Tall Scottish Guy”.

  • (14:00) How to approach successful people for help?

  • (17:00) How do you pick companies to invest and work on?

  • (19:54) Russel’s views on the investors checking up the projects in the industry.

  • (23:20) How did you conceive of this idea?

  • (27:18) Why is it limited to Scottish people only?

  • (28:40) Can you share some challenges/ problems you faced?

  • (30:55) How do you assemble a dream team when you don’t have money?

  • (38:30) How do you think the business world will change after Covid-19?

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