022 | Step By Step Roadmap To Stop Self Sabotaging And Get Unstuck In Your Life, Career, And Relationships, With Glenn Ackerman

Glenn Ackerman and Manuj Aggarwal discuss the step by step roadmap to stop self-sabotaging and getting unstuck in our lives, relationships, and careers.

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In this episode we will learn to:

  • How to heal yourself using energy awareness
  • How to realize if you are self-sabotaging yourself
  • How to stop self-sabotaging
  • How to bridge the gap between where we want to be and where we are
  • How to locate the energy that brings you down
  • How to deal with energies internally and externally
  • How to be aware of your thoughts and not get influenced by it
  • Avoid situations that may lead to downturns
  • Build a more fruitful relationship
  • How to understand the concepts of energy
  • How to take better control of situations and your life

About Glenn Ackerman
Glenn Ackerman is an entrepreneur, author, and life and career coach with numerous students including celebrities, sports stars, teachers, entrepreneurs, and young adults.

  • Education: Glenn graduated from college with a music degree.
  • Experience: When Glenn graduated from college with a music degree and began working as a composer/producer in Hollywood. He changed careers and became a top and highly sought-after speaker and trainer in the sales and marketing industry. He turned his attention to the self-help and personal development industry. Glenn read, enriched himself with numerous classes and workshops, became certified and eventually began teaching and presenting the different disciplines that he had studied: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), meditation, prana healing, qi gong, hypnosis, visualization, shamanic vision, and numerous other self-help techniques.
  • Accomplishments: Glenn ultimately documented and systematized his groundbreaking teachings, and now calls it Energy Awareness Training. His work has evolved into a private coaching practice, teaching Energy Awareness Training to, among others including Hollywood entertainment executives and celebrities, Sports stars, Entrepreneurs, Well-known teachers & influencers.
  • Fun Fact: His mission is to teach the world what we all should have been taught in school; i.e., how energy works in this world, how to eliminate unnecessary suffering (most suffering is unnecessary when you have energetic tools) and how to avoid energetic traps that we all fall into and that have unknowingly disrupted our lives.
  • Obstacles Overcame: Coming from both a caring yet tumultuous household filled with extreme tension and emotional abuse, Glenn developed anxiety, panic attacks and persistent worry about his safety and security. He left home at an early age and worked his way through private prep school and college. He was determined to overcome his chaotic upbringing by being successful.

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