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03 | Myths & Misconceptions of Personal Branding in The Digital Era, With Edwin Dearborn

And today I’m talking with personal branding expert Edwin Dearborn. And we’ll be talking about some common myths and misconceptions about personal branding, that stop most entrepreneurs are professionals dead in their tracks, really, before they even get started. So very warm. Very well welcome, Edwin. So Edwin is a well known expert on the subject […]

02 | Influencer Marketing: What You Need To Know Right Now To Bootstrap Your Dreams Quickly, With Susana Yee

I’m talking with influencer marketing expert Susana G. About how every entrepreneur or professional and get started on the right track with influencer marketing and obtain the best results. So welcome. Susana. So then she is a well known expert on the subject of influencer marketing and has graciously consented to this interview. She’ll share […]

01 | Bootstrap your Career, With Manuj Aggarwal

My name is Manuj Aggarwal. I’ve been in this industry for about 20 years. And even though I have been awarded multiple patents in cutting it feels like machine learning even though I am teaching 90000 students across 190 countries. And even though I have interviewed more than 5000 engineers in my career. The more […]