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065 | How to Be Unique In Today’s World | The Art of Creating Distinction | Scott McKain

Welcome to this inspiring interview with Scott McKain, a world-renowned keynote speaker, mentor, business coach, and a leader.  Scott McKain has worked with many big companies such as Apple, Cisco, SAP, BMW, etc. He has been reviewed by CISCO as “We have booked leading speakers in the world, but Scott McKain received the highest evaluation […]

064 | Taking Risks For Success | Value Of Determination & Hard Work | How Important Is Luck | Kevin Horek

Our guest for today is Kevin Horek. Kevin is a published author and best known for his work published on Zurb Foundation 5 which is responsive web frameworks. His Radio/TV/Podcast, “Building The Future”, was started to get over his fear of public speaking and he continued to push himself out of his comfort zone by […]

063 | Automation & Marketing | Automating Digital Marketing | AI For Maximum Business Growth | Robin Alex

Guest of today is an innovator. He is Robin Alex. He has walked the entire path from being a techie guy who developed software and worked in server administration tasks to then go to customer services and finally becoming a successful entrepreneur offering software tools to automate the process of Digital Marketing. Robin is owner […]

062 | Cultural Diversity For A Better World | The Benefits Of Cultural Awareness | Sol Eagle Road

Sol Eagle Road is a floral and architectural photographer residing in Tochigi, Japan. Currently, he is working as an English teacher with students. He has adopted photography as a form of expression to learn more about Japanese culture and language. His experience teaching English has turned his world upside down. He realized that a language […]

061 | The 7 Stages Of Business Growth | Building A Sustainable Growth Strategy | With Carl Gould

Guest of today’s show is Carl Gould. Carl has built three multi-million dollar businesses before age 40, mentored the launch of over 5,000 businesses, and has trained and certified over 7,000 business coaches in 35 countries. Carl has written 3 best-selling books on business strategy and growth (“Blueprint for Success”, “The 7 Stages of Small […]