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04 | Mistakes To AVOID While Building A Successful Business, With Marvin D Wilson

Marvin D Wilson and Manuj Aggarwal discuss what it takes to identify, start, and build a successful business. So if you want to Identify: A need or problem in the marketplace and find the solution How to Recruit your weaknesses, and not try to do everything yourself if you are not qualified Identify business opportunities […]

03 | Myths & Misconceptions of Personal Branding in The Digital Era, With Edwin Dearborn

Edwin Dearborn and Manuj Aggarwal discuss Myths & Misconceptions Of Personal Branding in The Digital Era. So if you want to understand how social media has changed personal branding how to stand out among the noise of many “me too” brands, and how content plays an important role in building your personal brand so you […]

02 | Influencer Marketing: What You Need To Know Right Now To Bootstrap Your Dreams Quickly, With Susana Yee

Susana Yee and Manuj Aggarwal discuss how to get started with influencer marketing. If you want to get the right exposure and jumpstart your marketing efforts using influencer marketing, even when you are on a tight budget – tune in now! In this episode, you’ll discover: The first steps all enterprenuers need to take to […]

01 | Bootstrap your Career, With Manuj Aggarwal

My name is Manuj Aggarwal. I’ve been in this industry for about 20 years. And even though I have been awarded multiple patents in cutting it feels like machine learning even though I am teaching 90000 students across 190 countries. And even though I have interviewed more than 5000 engineers in my career. The more […]