025 | Mastering Yourself To Master Your Business, With Purdeep Sangha

Purdeep Sangha and Manuj Aggarwal discuss the significance of self-mastery in business and guides on how to master yourself to master your business.

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In this episode we will learn:

  • How to master yourself and your skills
  • Importance of the self-mastery in work, relationship, mental and physical health
  • How to focus on your energy, thoughts and emotional mastery
  • How to be present in the moment and conserve your energy
  • How to stop diluting your energy by focusing your thoughts
  • How to stay away from people who drain your energy
  • How to make better and mindful business and life decision
  • How to be goal driven and have an identity of your own
  • How to tune your brain based on your identity and values
  • To step up as a leader with responsibilities at all times
  • How to be aware of feelings or emotions and recalibrate them
  • To be more impactful in your business and the affairs of your industry

About Purdeep Sangha
Purdeep Sangha is a mentor and Coach to many entrepreneurs and also a podcast host who has a passion for helping men build more profitable businesses and a better life. He’s also an award-winning author and a business founder and owner.

  • Education/Experiences – Purdeep has an EMBA in Innovation Leadership from the University of Fredericton. He is Certified Black belt in Lean Operations, Certified in Financial Management, Certified Innovation Executive (MIT & Stanford), Certified in Business Operations Excellence, Certified Executive. He was trained at Disney & Toyota, Nissan, and Honda in Japan. And was a successful executive and led various divisions including marketing, sales, operations, customer experience, and project management before starting his own company. Purdeep also has exceptional knowledge and experience in transformational psychology, the latest neuroscience, and art of mindfulness.
  • Accomplishments – Purdeep is an award-winning Author. Frank Kern and Jack Canfield have endorsed his book. He is a father of 2 and happily married. He has a philosophy that people’s biggest accomplishments come from helping people transform their businesses and lives.
  • Fun Facts – Purdeep loves animals, history, philosophy, spirituality, and weight training. He has the same personal trainer that trained DeWayne Johnson aka “The Rock.”
  • Obstacles Overcame – Purdeep’s biggest challenge was overcoming major depression in university. He also created a successful business after walking into work and quitting his career as an executive, cold turkey.

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