027 | Getting Started With People Management, With Mads Singers

Mads Singers and Manuj Aggarwal discuss How to get started with people management.
So if you want to Manage a team effectively, Keep their team motivated and highly productive, and Get more done by effective delegation so you can How to get started with people management.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The first steps all beginner entrepreneurs or professionals need to take with People management and how to get started with people management
  • People management tools entrepreneurs or professionals need to know about here at the start of their journey
  • The perfect mindset for a beginner entrepreneur or professional that virtually guarantees their success
  • Why delegation is an integral part of business management
  • Precise People management tools and resources beginner entrepreneurs or professionals can’t live without, including apps and websites you can use immediately
  • Where beginner entrepreneurs or professionals are wasting a lot of time in People management
  • How to overcome the significant challenges for beginners in People management right now
  • How to understand the personality of your staff to motivate them better
  • Specific wisdom and experience to help motivate beginner entrepreneurs or professionals to get started the right way with People management

About Mads Singers:

  • Mads Singers is an expert in People management whose accomplishments include:
  • Mads Singers Has A High School Diploma.
  • Mads has Worked with corporate giants like Xerox & IBM. He has learned his management from multiple companies – 4 of them employed over 100 people.
  • Mads has been an Entrepreneur for 5 years
  • Super minimalist, he love not having more than 8 kg worth of stuff.
  • Moved away from home when he was 15-16, and moved to a different country as soon as he turned 18.

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