028 | Entrepreneurship As A Matter Of Personal Transformation, With Jack Gibson & Jeff Schechter

Jack Gibson, Jeff Schechter, and Manuj Aggarwal will discuss the real estate business. However, we will see it not only from the perspective of selling, buying, or renting houses but also as a way to generate streams of passive income. This dialog will serve us to explore the needed personal transformation to become a successful entrepreneur.

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In this episode, we will learn to:

  • How do you turn your linear income into a passive income
  • The personal transformation to become a successful entrepreneur
  • How the right attitude and emotions help attract success
  • How to differentiate your product or service from the competition
  • How to overcome failures and challenges
  • How technology supports the real estate business
  • How to leverage the power of mindfulness and meditation in business
  • The importance of social responsibility in business

About Jack Gibson and Jeff Schechter

Jack Gibson and Jeff Schechter are the high return real estate guys. They don’t only sell properties. They sell a system that allows you to acquire turnkey properties producing some of the highest return in the real estate investing industry.

  • Education: Jack Gibson studied business at Hillsdale College. Jeff Schechter studied at the University of Minnesota.
  • Experience: Jack Gibson built his first company at the age of 21. Jeff Schechter is in the real estate business since the eighties. Today, they are co-founders of High Return Real Estate one of the best real estate company in the world and located in Indianapolis.
  • Accomplishments: Jack Gibson ran a successful multi-million dollar company before he was old enough to rent a car. Jeff Schechter, when founding the High Return Real State Company, has done exactly what he ever wanted.
  • Fun Fact: Jack Gibson is a Gym guy. Jeff Schechter is a Yoga practitioner and a musician.
  • Obstacles Overcame: Jack Gibson has overcome some business failures. His company received the largest attack in American history, a $1 billion short bet against its company’s publicly traded stock. After that, he started to diversify his streams of income and become a real estate businessman.

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