029 | Business Success As A Matter Of Resilience, With Nicholas MacAskill

Nicholas MacAskill and Manuj Aggarwal, discuss the mindset behind the successful entrepreneur in this new episode of Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show.

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In this episode, we will learn to:

  • How to startup, run and manage a startup company
  • How to market product development
  • How to keep the end goal in mind and work towards it
  • How to move things forward and keep yourself focused
  • The impact of the technology revolution on today’s business
  • How to use adversity, failures, and challenges to your advantage
  • How to manage time effectively
  • How to learn from mistakes
  • How to develop resilience and the entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to build a personal brand

About Nicholas MacAskill

Nicholas MacAskill has acquired some experience in marketing and related entrepreneurial roles. More recently, he is advancing with digital advertising firm named Rapidly. He is also the host of a Podcast Show focused on entrepreneurship.

  • Education: Nicholas MacAskill holds a Bachelor in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University.
  • Experience: Started and grew two service businesses before the age of 24. Half a decade of experience in marketing and related entrepreneurial roles.
  • Accomplishments and Obstacles Overcame: Coached financial advisor nationally on software and marketing processes at the age of 23. Current partner at Rapidly, a digital advertising and brand development agency that has helped several businesses achieve triple-digit growth. The host of “Advance Rapidly,” which is a podcast that features entrepreneurial insight and perspective from industry leaders. Overcame getting fired from half a dozen jobs, before later going on to build a successful business and career.
  • Fun Fact: Advocate of healthy living; Enjoys working more than anything else; Believes that brand is the biggest reason why people buy anything.

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