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Welcome to this episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dream Show”. I am Manuj Aggarwal, and I will be having a very interesting conversation with General David Petraeus.

Gen. Petraeus served over 37 years in the U.S. military, including tours in Cold War Europe, the United States, Central America, Haiti, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the greater Middle East. He culminated his military service with six consecutive commands as a general officer, five of which were in combat, including command of: the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) during the fight to Baghdad and the first year in Iraq; Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq over 15 subsequent months; Multi-National Force-Iraq during the Surge from February 2007 to September 2008; U.S. Central Command from 2008 to 2010; and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan from 2010-2011.

Gen. Petraeus graduated with distinction from the U.S. Military Academy, subsequently earned a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and has held academic appointments at six universities. He has received numerous U.S. military, State Dept, NATO, and UN medals, including four Defense Distinguished Service Medals, the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, and the Combat Action Badge, and he has been decorated by 13 foreign countries.

Following his service in the military, Gen. Petraeus served as the Director of the CIA, leading the Agency during a period that saw significant achievements in the global counter-terrorism effort, development of a strategic plan for the Agency, and an initiative to increase worldwide human intelligence coverage.

General Petraeus joined KKR in June 2013 as Chairman of the KKR Global Institute. He went on to become a Partner at KKR in December 2014. The Global Institute supports the KKR investment process and KKR’s portfolio companies with an analysis of geopolitical, macro-economic, environmental, social, and governance issues. General Petraeus is also a member of the board of directors at successful companies like Optiv and OneStream. David is also a successful venture capitalist himself, a Visiting Fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Center, and an Honorary Professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham (England).

Glad to have you on the show, General Petraeus. Welcome!

General David H. Petraeus talks about:

  • (3:08) What prompted him to join the US military academy.

  • (4:11) What he loved about military life.

  • (5:42)  His academic life. 

  • (9:40) Publicly committing yourself to a particular goal.

  • (11:56) The pivotal role that mentors played in his life. 

  • (18:00) Lessons learned in combat. 

  • (22:00) Fateful choices and decision making in war. 

  • (26:00) How do we end the never-ending wars and maintain peace?

  • (30:20) The future of warfare. 

  • (38:00) How a socially distant economy is going to affect business?

  • (43:00) Some valuable lessons learned while working in the private sector and the military sector.

  • (49:24) Causes he’s passionate about. 

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