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Welcome to this episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dream Show.” I am Manuj Aggarwal, and I will be having a very interesting conversation with Peter Oncken.

Peter Oncken is the managing director of INTRO Aviation, Corsair’s parent company, a long-haul specialist French airline based in Rungisand based at Paris-Orly Airport. Corsair has been chosen by more than 1 million passengers every year since 1981. 

Peter leads all airline investment and acquisition projects and manages the airline investments personally along with his highly skilled team.

As an accomplished lawyer, Peter has profound expertise of 16 years in the aviation industry with a focus on strategy, restructuring and turn-around processes, strategic planning and corporate development, cost reduction programs, efficient group structures, and governance, turnaround planning and management, carve-out and spin-off strategy as well as analysis and feasibility evaluation of start-ups. 

Before acquiring Corsair, of which he is the chairman, Peter served as a non-executive chairman at Ireland’s CityJet Ltd. He also actively managed and turned around LTU International Airlines, FlyNext Airlines, served as a board member at DBA, and invested in the ongoing South Korean low-cost carrier project, Aero K, which Intro Aviation advises exclusively.

Glad to have you on the show, Peter.

Peter Oncken talks about:

(1:56) Transitioning a career from being a lawyer to starting an entrepreneurial journey in Aviation.

(5:17) How Peter entered into the entrepreneurial life of the aviation industry? 

(6:04) How did Peter understand about Aviation business?

(13:50) How resourceful, companies are not able to generate profits.

(18:21) Views on the airline’s industry hit by the pandemic and how airlines respond to the pandemic’s challenges.

(22:32) How consumer behavior is changing post-pandemic.

(25:26) Views on government supporting the aviation industry.

(30:26) How can airlines build in greater resilience to survive future challenges?

(33:00) Unique Selling Points (USPs).

(35:00) Standout out the competition to excel.

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