#211 How to find your WHY? | Dr. Gary Sanchez | Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show

Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams’ Podcast. I’m your host Manuj Aggarwal, and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with an international speaker and founder of WHY Institute, Dr. Gary Sanchez.

His company has helped over 30,000 individuals, and over 500 companies find their WHY. 

Gary has helped everyone from a single entrepreneur to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 publicly traded companies find their WHY and reap the benefits of positioning their companies through their WHY.

Apart from this, Gary is the popular podcast host, ‘Behind you WHY-WHY Inst.’ Gary has been in his profession for the past 29 years, learning the art to cater to his patients’ needs.

Dr. Gary Sanchez is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree of DDS, Doctor of dental surgery. He also has a degree of BS in Biology from the University of Colorado.

In this episode, Dr. Gary Sanchez talks about:

(1:08) His life journey and how he got started.

(6:04) The concept of WHY.

(14:15) How he distilled it down to an algorithm that software could understand. 

(18:41) How this concept extrapolates to a corporation. 

(22:26) How to stay consistent with the WHY with changes happening every day. 

(26:38) Different types of WHY.

(30:24) Next step, once you figure out your WHY.

(34:13) How many people understand what their WHY is.

(35:47) What discovering your WHY does.

(38:20) Success stories of people he has worked with.

(42:57) How he helps people and how much it costs.

(45:36) How to get started with the process and discover your WHY.

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