#210 Growth Can Be Your Middle Name | Greg Muzzillo | Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show

Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal, and today we’ll be talking with Greg Muzzillo.

A veteran franchiser of printing and promotional products services, Greg brings more than four decades of experience to his role as a Proforma founder, one of the nation’s largest providers of business graphics, marketing materials. 

Greg founded Proforma in 1978, a few months after graduating from college from modest beginnings. The firm quickly expanded into one of the industry’s most promising companies earning a spot on Inc magazine fastest company growing list for three consecutive years to accommodate its rapid expansion in 1986. 

Greg developed a franchise model that shaped the company’s direction over the next 35 years by creating a network of independent distributors of more than 650 franchises. He helped transform Proforma into a company generating more than 500 million per year while serving 50,000 clients across the country.

Greg Muzzillo talks about:

(1:28) The story behind owning his own business.

(6:06) Early days in setting up the business.

(5:58) Mistakes made in building up the business.

(7:08) Views on starting a business in a time of crisis.

(10:42) Impact of the crisis on our industry.

(13:08) How important is publishing content and networking with people in business?

(14:42) The journey of his success. 

(15:58) How did he suppress negative thoughts from others on the way?

(18:01) Fear of failure

(22:03) Motivation to get him going through hard times.

(25:05) How does he prepare for downturns?

(28:08) Use of technology in the virtual world.

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