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Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with Albert Zbily.

Albert Zbily, founding president of the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) will share what many of you are seeking – the roadmap to a healthy work-life balance. 

International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) is the world governing body of the sport of corporate football (soccer). 

Putting working adults onto a soccer field and encouraging a sound work-life balance is a life-long passion that Albert has embraced for over 10 years. Albert has successfully expanded the federation to 60 countries and to 2.5 million amateur players.

With over 20 years of progressive experience in government, international development, business, and sports diplomacy, he developed a keen acumen for business and development. 

Here we learn about:

1:30 Albert talks about how he started on his journey.

5:01 What makes FIFCO unique and extraordinary.

10:00 Why Albert chose Soccer as the sport to work upon. 

11:03 How introverts get over their reservations and play in the league.

14:25 Albert shares the dynamics of rivalry between corporate giants.

18:00 How Albert scaled FIFCO into a multi million thriving business.

21:36 How pandemic has affected the sport industry. 

24:09 Albert predicts how the sports industry is going to be impacted in the long run from the global pandemic. 

28:48 Albert talks about the different reactions to the pandemic and fluctuating rationality behind them.

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