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Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams show’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal, and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with Alejandro D’Andrea

Have you wondered how big brands like Walmart have managed to navigate the challenges of the global pandemic?

Alejandro D’Andrea will reveal all the answers!

Armed with a degree in computer science and business administration, Alejandro is currently the Chief Information Officer at Walmart, Chile, responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies.

He has also been a consultant in Accenture for seven years.

Alejandro does not limit himself to the corporate world and has 3D brain image segmentation publications.

Get the insider secrets to making successful change – no matter what the scale!

In this episode, Alejandro talks about:

(1:29) His journey and dealing with a tight childhood

(3:35) How he grew up in Argentina and why he shifted to chile

(4:43) What digital transformation means

(7:07)  How he motivated people to adapt with digital transformation

(9:56)  How these agile technologies can be implanted in traditional businesses

(12:27) Why is flexibility and autonomy important in a company?

(13:55) The future of digital technology, is it short term phase or is it to last 

(15:58) How did walmart deal with innovation

(17:39) How did Walmart get into ecommerce

(20:33) How will he contrast the rapid changes in organisation against what government is doing across the world

(22:05) What effect will pandemic have on security, privacy and scalability?

(22:59) Will this Work from home lifestyle last for long or will things get back to normal soon?

(24:48) His views and experience on working from home

(26:01) Mistakes he made and the lessons he learnt through them

(28:43) How new budding entrepreneurs can cope with the changes in this new socially distant economy?

(30:00)  Is Market Research a good starting point?

(31:20) Does the world have financial infrastructure to support digitization? 

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