#205 Create a Masterplan for an Epic Business | Bootstrapping Your Dream Show Interview with Justin Breen

Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with Justin Breen.

Justin is a visionary, PR entrepreneur, life-changing connector, best-selling author, and a strategic coach. 

He is hard-wired to seek out and create viral, thought-provoking stories that the media craves. He also loves to network with visionary entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses. 

Justin is also the author of No. 1 International Best Selling book, ‘Epic Business’.

His clients have appeared in the New York Times, NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt, CNBC, U.S. News & World Report, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Fox News, Crain’s New York, Forbes Magazine, Reuters, Billboard, The Associated Press, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle and many more.

Here we learn about:

[01:43] How Justin started off on his journey.

[02:28]  Story of how Justin reached out to 5000 people

[02:40] Justin’s reach out “strategy” that got him to this journey.

[03:42]  Learn the value of building a network.

[04:09] Justin’s advice on network building.

[05:46] Media experience, relationships with journalists.

[06:58] Building relationships with your target market.

[08:30] Justin’s McDonald’s story.

[10:35] Connecting with a diverse set of people.

[12:00] Why Justin is successful.

[15:04] Justin shares his lessons and benefits from Networking.

[16:52] Justin shares his 2 cents on why people don’t rise to adopt an abundance mentality.

[19:09] Behind-the-scene scoops on mindsets of journalists and TV show producers.

[22:16] How the TV world is different from the print world.

[24:26] How do businesses of different scales approach PR. 

[27:08] Traits which separate visionaries from other people.

[29:10] Justin shares his vision of post-pandemic scope for businesses to grow.

[31:40] Justin’s advice for brick-and-mortar businesses in these unprecedented situations.

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