#204 Jumpstart Your Brand with Kenton Low | Manuj Aggarwal | Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show

Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams show’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal, and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with Kenton Low.


Do you need tips to improve customer relations?

How about promoting your brand better?

Kenton Low is the one-stop person for advice. You name the problem; he has the solution.


Kenton is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Vancity. With $27.4 billion-plus in assets under administration, Vancity is Canada’s largest community credit union.


Kenton is a hands-on senior executive. He has a success record of driving growth in domestic and global companies, ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to two of FORTUNE 50’s most admired companies.


He specializes in Customer Experience, Brand Management, Strategic Planning, New Business/Market Development, Sales/Marketing Alignment, and Digital Marketing. 


Outside of Vancity, Kenton dedicates time to community organizations and developing the next generation of business leaders. He has addressed conferences in Europe, Canada, and the United States. He has taught courses in strategic planning, marketing, and customer experience at corporate training programs and universities, including 12 years as an adjunct professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.



In this episode, Kenton talks about:


(2:14) He tells about his journey and how he got started.

(5:09) How was the transition like that he made from industry to industry?

(8:33) His perspective of life as a “tool-kit.”

(10:19) He shares his experience as an Adjunct Professor at UBC.

(11:53) Young generation’s outlook on working in different industries.

(14:02) He talks about Vancity and its origin.

(16:15) What difference they’re trying to make to ensure happy members. 

(17:56) Actions taken by Vancity during the pandemic to help its customers.

(20:47) His advice for all the young entrepreneurs. 

(22:21) How to take care of customers to help them navigate

the pandemic.

(23:43) Understanding your customer’s needs.

(27:56) The contrast in the marketing approach of a small startup and a large company. 

(30:09) His outlook on how things are going to unfold in the coming years.

(31:47) Future of globalization.

(32:32) Universal basic income, is it time? 

(34:38) How you can connect with him.




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