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Have you ever been so passionate about something that you completely devoted your life to excel and master that skill? Meet Mike Butler. He’s currently the CTO of First Merchants Bank and has been blown away by technology since age 4.

Throughout his career, he has progressed with learning how technology impacts the business side of a company. With perseverance and determination, he has excelled in mastering this skill.

You would find it difficult to find someone with more knowledge and experience in this domain.

His curiosity has led him to research cloud architectures, product design, leadership, psychology, and machine learning extensively.

Mike is specifically interested in using data to augment products and create new services.

Here Mike talks about:

(2:11) How Mike started experimenting with technology at a young age

(3:58) Troubles he caused while using technology at a young age

(5:00) How he turned out to be a people person

(8:06) How should the education policy evolve? How to link technology with humans

(10:39) How can experienced people in the industry evolve with time

(12:30) How Mike got into predictive analytics

(16:44) Qualities of a good leader

(19:30) How people change with change in there titles

(21:23) How he manages his team

(24:17) The future of banking industry

(27:04) Advice for young people willing to start out in the banking industry

(30:32) Manuj’s view on the current situation

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