#202 The future of the housing sector with Todd Su | Manuj Aggarwal | Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show

Want to purchase a house but unsure if you should be investing in the housing sector? Wondering how to jumpstart your housing venture?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Manuj Aggarwal is back with another episode of ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show’ with Todd Su.

Todd is the President and CEO of Advantage Homes & Realty World Todd Su & Company Inc.- the largest modular home dealer in California.

His leadership, drive, and customer-centric approach has fueled the impressive growth of Advantage Homes, making the company a nationally known brand and a multimillion-dollar business.

He is a self-made, award-winning entrepreneur, founder, thought leader, and philanthropist with over 25 years of success in the modular home, real estate, hotel, and mortgage financing industries.

He was honored twice with the City of San Jose Community Honoree Award by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Councilman Tam Nguyen.

Here Todd & Cindy talks about:

  • (3:04) Todd talks about his journey into the housing sector

  • (5:42) How Todd and Cindy manges to work together as a couple

  • (8:55) How Todd accomplished his vision to build a business in a completely new niche – modular housing

  • (11:26) How Todd changed his mind from becoming a tennis coach to starting a business in the housing sector

  • (13:37) Becoming ‘Power Couple’

  • (17:03) How being to different countries and experiencing diverse cultures shaped them as a person

  • (22:01) What role education and reading books played in their life

  • (24:58) Managing time and maintaining work-life balance

  • (28:55) Mistakes made in their career

  • (32:22) Shifts in the housing sector post-pandemic

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