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Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with Robert Angel .

Rob invented the phenomenally successful and iconic board game Pictionary, which was self-published in his tiny apartment in 1985. Today, more than 50 million games of Pictionary have been sold worldwide. 

Rob has documented all his experiences in the book called ‘Game Changer,’ where he explains how he turned the one simple idea into the world’s best-selling board game.

Apart from this, Rob is an entrepreneur, explorer, investor, philanthropist, and sought-after speaker on a mission to help others create their own success and best life by taking their first small step. 


Here we learn about:

(1:39) Rob reflects upon how he first got the idea of Pictionary.

(3:32) Rob shares how he overcame the “what ifs” and started his journey as a game inventor.

(6:50) Would Rob make the same gamble now as he did in his youth?

(7:40) Advice to entrepreneurs who wish to give up their careers and start with their entrepreneurial journey.

(9:45) Rob shares if he ever had the “I’ve made it” moment.

(11:40) What is the role of the ego and how to curb it while making crucial business decisions?

(14:06) Rob talks about his process of market research in a non-digital era. 

(16:09) Was Rob ever afraid of competition in the game industry?

(17:48) Rob shares his philosophy of O.P.E.N.

(20:08) Advice for overcoming and dealing with fear.

(21:45) Rob shares his inspiration for authoring “Game Changer”. 

(25:12) Rob’s experience of waiting for the right moment and selling Picitonary to Mattel.

(29:45) What keeps Rob motivated not to stop and keep reinventing himself?

(31:32) Advice on how to get over failure and keep the right mindset.

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