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Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams show’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal, and today I’ll be having a fascinating conversation with Michael O’Reilly.

Michael is an ex-Vice President-Global Customer Experience at Eventbrite. He is currently on the board of MacPherson Art Supplies, which happens to be the largest art supplies distributor in North America.

He led the successful integration of Athleta into Gap Inc. Completed integration within budget and with 98% employee retention. Led the evolution of Athleta from catalog-centric to omnichannel business while tripling direct-to-consumer revenues in seven-years. He created and led the B2B industry for Choice Hotels, which exceeded the original business plan each of the first three years.

Michael specializes in General Management, Business Strategy, Social/Digital Marketing, Media Optimization, Data Analytics, Omni-Channel Customer Acquisition and Retention, CRM Strategy Development and Execution, Change Management, People Leadership, and Development.

In this episode, Michael talks about:

(1:51) He tells about his journey and how he got started.

(4:21) Talks about his transition from accounting to digital.

(6:14) Digital transformation & leveraging internet for business.

(9:58) Importance of understanding others and how to deal with people.

(12:01) How humility, empathy, and respect drive success.

(14:57) How companies struggle with understanding their customers. 

(17:20) Practical tips to get to know your customer better. 

(19:28) Advice your young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

(22:05) The impact of COVID in terms of consumer behavior and their expectations.

(24:43) The long-term outlook for live events and conferences.

(27:00) His time at Eventbrite and the kind of leadership he demonstrated.


(30:13) His future goals. 

(31:20) How you can connect with him.

(31:39) Encourages people to be kind to each other. 

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