#197 The Best Method To Be A Successful Entrepreneur|Joe DeMaria

Welcome to this episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show.” I am Manuj Aggarwal, and today we will be talking to JoeDeMaria. 

Joe is the founder of “Teach To Scale,” one of the most respected curriculum development houses, creating dozens of courses for high-end entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants worldwide.

He is also the founder of “JAD Marketing,” which helps world-class entrepreneurs, peak performers, coaches, and speakers maximize, innovate, and optimize their market and sales strategies.

He has also been a CMO and the VP of sales in his previous roles and has numerous publications to his name. Today, he teaches coaches, consultants, and peak performers how to scale their businesses and their impact on their audiences.

Here we talk about:

  • (0:59) Joe shares stories about his entrepreneurial journey.

  • (5:18) Joe talks about the motivation that helped him persevere through hard times in 

his entrepreneurial journey.

  • (8:25) Learn about the concept of true “North-Star” from Joe.

  • (10:00) Joe reflects upon what can and can’t be considered as a true North-Star.

  • (14:00) Joe’s views on finding one’s true North-Star for those struggling to grasp it.

  • (17:45) Joe talks about the business opportunities possible even at a time of the 


  • (21:36) How to transition to entrepreneurship after being an employee.

  • (25:00) Why you should never stop learning.

  • (29:00) Advice on how to get your entrepreneurial journey started.

  • (37:00) What to talk about when you’re starting your journey.

  • (41:00) Joe talks about how to scale your venture.

  • (48:00) How you can reach out to JoeDeMaria.

Find JoeDeMaria on:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thejoedemaria/

Personal Website: http://www.teachtoscale.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreJAD

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/manujagro

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