#193 The Power of Mind | Steve Adams | Manuj Aggarwal | Bootstrapping Your Dreams Podcast

Welcome to this episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams show”. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be having a very interesting conversation with Steve Adams

Steve Adams is the CEO of Tiger Neuroscience. 

He completed his Masters in Finance from Grand Valley State University.

His career began at NBD Bancorp (now owned by JPMorgan Chase) where he rose through the ranks and became the Vice President.

Steve has cracked a scientifically proven way to protect your health and productivity, without prescription drugs or leaving your home. He has simplified the peak performance formula.


       Performance = Skill – Interference.

His ground-breaking solutions lead to the accelerated achievement of goals, improvement in long-term health trajectory, and bring in enormous savings.

Neurofeedback was originally born at NASA in the ‘60s and is now used by Silicon Valley executives, Navy SEALs, NFL quarterbacks, and other peak performers as well.

Here Steve talks about:

  • (1:05) How did Steve get into Neuroscience?        


  • (3:00) Steve’s transformation through brain training.  


  • (4:36) How long did the Brain training take?  


  • (5:40) Steve discusses various ways to improve Mental Health.    


  • (8:15) Steve explains if Brain fix is a One-time process.   


  • (9:59) Steve clarifies between various approaches to brain-fix.       


  • (11:16) How to make people believe in the idea of relaxation?     


  • (15:10) Steve talks about the importance of  Sleep management.   


  • (18:00) Steve’s views on the use of alcohol.          


  • (19:15) What is Heart Rate Variability and its benefits?           


  • (22:10) Case study on the results of Brain Training      


  • (26:19) Why can’t people achieve their goals?        


  • ( 28:19) How to overcome mental obstacles?        


  • ( 30:32) How to figure out what our Heart Rate Variability is?      


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