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Welcome to the ‘Bootstrapping Your Dreams’ Podcast. I’m Manuj Aggarwal and today I’ll be having a candid conversation with Neil Moore.

Neil Moore is the Founder of Simply Music and creator of the Simply Music Piano Program. Simply Music is the world’s largest playing-based music education institution with over 700 locations worldwide.  Neil’s methodologies are taught by licensed educators throughout the world, and his Self-Study Program caters to students across 116 countries.

From his earliest years, Neil heard music and pictured it in his mind in terms of shapes and patterns. This relationship to music became the basis of his entire approach to learning and playing the piano. As an adult and a coach to traditional piano teachers, he had an opportunity to teach a young blind boy to play. The Simply Music Piano Method is designed to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion. 

Neil is particularly interested in contributing free education to addiction and rehabilitation clinics, PTSD clinics, youth-at-risk organizations, orphanages, penal institutions, etc., as well as communities in developing nations who would otherwise not have access to the quality of education his programs provide. 

Here Neil talks about:

  • (1:52) Neil talks about his journey into the musical world.

  • (14:24) Experiences of first-time learners of the instrument.

  • (21:23) The possibility of introducing this new learning method into the world.

  • (29:13) The deprioritization of music in school-life.

  • (32:15) Neil’s inspiration to help others.

  • (42:26) How to cope via music for people who are struggling during the lockdown.

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