#187 How Can You Change Your Life in 7 Days? | Paul Zelizer

Welcome to this new episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams show”. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be having a very interesting conversation with Paul Zelizer about the after-math of Covid-19 on the world and businesses.

Can we create successful businesses that do not harm the planet?

Find out from the conscious entrepreneur, Paul Zelizer.

Paul Zelizer is the Founder and Chief Entrepreneurial Activist of Entrepreneurs. He supports entrepreneurs in growing their business to the next level while staying true to their deepest integrity.

He founded Awarenpreurs the Awarepreneurs Community is a dynamic community of 300+ conscious entrepreneurs looking at the intersection of conscious business, social impact, and awareness practices. Our members learn how to grow their businesses, enhance their well being, and increase their social impact. We are one of the more diverse communities in our sector and are working on increasing awareness of the need for more attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our space. Through our popular podcast, we amplify the work of thought leaders doing some of the most innovative work in the sector.

He also has a podcast of the same name. Awarepreneurs one of the more popular conscious business and social entrepreneur podcasts. I am the founder and host of the show. Each week, we do a deep dive interview with a thought leader in the intersection of conscious business, social impact, and awareness practices. I

Here Paul talks about:

  • (1:54) Paul on how he became a conscious entrepreneur?

  • (6:13) How did you convince someone to talk to you without thinking you are a lunatic?

  • (10:21) Paul’s views on key steps to implement in businesses?

  • (18:10) Paul explains the effects of self-awareness on big companies.

  • (22:50) How do you make it obvious that a 7-minute investment in?

  • Is self-awareness fruitful?

  • (26:22) How did you start the community and what was the purpose behind it?

  • (20:08) Paul on if self-aware people are better equipped to handle the COVID situation?

  • (31:12) Paul discusses the after-math of Covid-19 on the world and businesses.

  • (35:28) Paul’s advice on how to prepare for the changes that are yet to come?

  • (39:20) How does Empathy help us?

  • (42:20) Does dark-chocolate help increase immunity?

  • (45:30) How can people reach out to you?

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