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Welcome to this new episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams show”. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be having a very interesting conversation with Rajesh Setty about strategies that could help late adapters to adjust to the new situation.

Every time there is an event that shakes up the world, things change, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. Nicholas Nassim Taleb aptly named a category of such events as black swans: completely unimaginable before they occur, but easily explained post-occurrence.

And then, COVID-19 happened.

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur, author, and teacher based in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded multiple technology and publishing companies in the US and India and has written and published sixteen books so far with his first book published at the age of thirteen. He is also an award-winning teacher at The Founder Institute.

Rajesh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Audvisor. Audvisor offers a push-button learning and communication platform for enterprises to help their employees learn and grow in this fast-paced world. The offerings include a growing library of over 2,500 audio insights from over 125 world-class experts.

He also has this case study on how you can thrive in this uncertain environment:


In this interview, Rajesh talks about:

  • (2:27) How Rajesh initially started his work.

  • (8:38) What was Rajesh’s inspiration for his book?

  • (14:40) What difference does Rajesh see in the world currently, amid a pandemic, and how are people perceiving it

  • (19:31) Real-life examples of how people are reacting to the current situation and its effects.

  • (30:30) Ideas that can make people realize the shift in work dynamics in the world in the current situation.

  • (33:00) What people can do to prepare themselves in this situation.

  • (39:00) Strategies that could help late adapters to adjust to the new situation.

  • (43:34) Advice for people in leading positions.

  • (49:36) How to be a part of society and common people.

  • (51:50) Rajesh’s experience of Yoga and meditation.

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