#184 How To Sleep Better? | Dr. Michael Breus

Welcome to this new episode of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams show”. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be having a very interesting conversation with Dr. Michael Breus about how to reduce stress during the current pandemic and tips that could help us with our sleeping pattern


Dr. Michael Breus is the author of 3 best-selling books. He is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and has appeared on the show 39 times in 8 seasons.


Michael teaches companies how to use sleep and circadian timing to increase productivity, lower cost, and make more money. Based on over 300 studies, his new book, ‘The Power of When (2016)’, can teach you the best time for Brainstorming, Presentations, Email, Making Decisions, Coffee, Alcohol, Exercise, and more.



Dr. Breus is the owner of The Sleep Doctor, a brand used to raise the level of awareness about the health benefits of sleep, the effects of sleep disorders, and how to leverage sleep to increase personal and professional performance.



He was one of the youngest to pass the American Board of Sleep Medicine at age 31 and has been interviewed multiple times on CNN, CBS, Fox, and above all, Oprah.



Dr. Breus talks about:


  • (2:24) How important is sleep for us?


  • (14:03) Empirical evidence to support the importance of sleep in giving us better results and enhance our progress.


  • (17:14) Tips that could help us with our sleeping pattern.


  • (28:48) Is it healthy to take medicinal help for a sound sleep? Amongst legalized substances, which is more suitable to take?


  • (30:04) How to reduce stress during the current pandemic?



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