#180 How to climb the corporate ladder? | Tips from a Coca-Cola Executive | Dean Myers

Welcome to this new episode of Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be talking with Dean Z. Myers about how can small companies compete with big companies with speed.

Dean Z. Myers is a world-class executive who recently retired after a 34-year career with The Coca-Cola Company. Now, Dean is sharing deep insight and unique perspectives from his global experience in Customer Leadership, Supply Chain, Operations, and Business Development. As an author, consultant, and keynote speaker, Dean has spoken to groups all over the world on the challenge of collaboration in a world that can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and full of ambiguity. Now, in his new book, “The Boardroom Buddha”, Dean has captured the powerful 5 Universal Principles for winning in any environment. Consider this a secret code for the HOW we all need, providing a unique set of tools that will become your own, leading to great success, prosperity, and happiness.

In this episode we will have a candid conversation with Dean Myers.

Dean speaks on:

  • The Book: Boardroom Buddha and what can you learn from it?

  • The need for Alignment with your Objectives.

  • How can small companies beat big companies with speed?

  • How can one be a leader, and build trust within the organization?

  • What makes corporate challenging and small startups successful?

  • How is the cross-pollination important so as to build your business efficiently

  • How will things shift in response to the pandemic?

Connect with Dean:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dean.z.myers

  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dean-myers-8655714a?src

  • Website: deanzmyersconsulting.com

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