#179 What Do Customers Want? | George Bryant

Welcome to this new episode of Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be talking with George Bryant about digital marketing and how effectively you reach to your customer by digital marketing.

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In this episode, we will learn about:

  • How to look after your customers well

  • How the notion of self-awareness is magical

  • Definition of an entrepreneur 

  • How to use the pandemic to evolve into a much better version of yourself.

  • ‘Self- Discipline’ is a hard thing to come by! How do you bring it?

  • How do you build relationships?

About George Bryant:

George Bryant is a New York Times Best Selling Author & one of the most highly sought after digital marketing consultants in the world to teach his Relationships Beat Algorithms™ approach to business.

George has helped hundreds of the largest companies in the world and thousands of entrepreneurs ethically scale their businesses by deepening their relationships with their customers… and creating transformational breakthroughs that help them accomplish their goals.

He believes a company’s financial success is directly dependent on the amount of value they share before AND after a purchase. Business is about relationships & touchpoints. The companies that put relationships before transactions will win. That is the Relationships Beat Algorithms approach.

Social Media Handles:

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