#175 A proven system to grow your business | Serving clients at a deeper level | Brandon Hofer

Welcome to this new episode of Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be talking with Brandon Hofer about creating freedom and crafting a business around the non-negotiables of your life.

Brandon launched his online coaching business from scratch and grew to over $20,000/month in less than 9 months, and now he has bundled up his proven process so you can do the same.

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In this episode, we will learn about:

  • Clearly articulating what you want in life

  • Making a shift to a new business model

  • Definition of non-negotiables

  • What is an offer?

  • The power of repetition

  • How crisis moments are the best moments

  • Consistent branding

About Brandon Hofer:

Brandon is a personal trainer, yoga practitioner, kettlebell enthusiast, father, husband, and defender of the kaizen way of life and health.

During his 15 years as a life coach, fitness coach, and business coach, he began mentoring and coaching others on how to use their unique expertise to create a thriving coaching business.

Over the years, he has seen so many coaches and service providers who are highly skilled at helping their clients but struggle to turn their passion for helping into a profitable business that supports their life and their family.

And that was his story too! He was fully booked but struggling to make ends meet. And that’s when he got strategic and created a predictable system to coach his clients through. Not only did they get better results from the new system, but he started having more freedom and flexibility in his life.

Social Media Handles:

  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/onlinecoachcreator/

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/behofer

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brandonhofer/

  • Website: https://www.expertsonline.io

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