#174 Mastering product development | Dr. James Wasson

Welcome to this new episode of Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show. I am Manuj Aggarwal and I will be talking with Dr. James Wasson about how to master product development and obtain financing to do it.

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In this episode, we will learn about:

  • The product development cycle

  • The Marketing Viable Product

  • Marketing Strategy and Business Model

  • Financial Analysis

  • Mistakes to avoid when developing a product

  • Getting financing to develop your product

  • Launching a business on your own

  • Building strategic relationships

  • Developing perseverance

About Dr. James Wasson:

Dr. James Wasson is founder and President of Growth Strategies International, LLC (GSI) providing Technology Commercialization Consulting Services since 2010 helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, develop and market new products and services, and obtain financing (government contracts/grants, investor equity, crowdfunding, and small business loans). GSI services include Strategic Business Planning, Business Development, R&D/Product Development, Proposal Development, Project Management, and Operations Management. Prior to founding GSI, Dr. Wasson was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at BAE Systems Inc. where he planned and directed a new product development portfolio for 16 product lines, overseeing 600 engineers at 7 international locations. He has over 20 years of experience as Director/Manager of R&D, Engineering, Program Management, and Business Development at GE Aviation (formerly Smiths Aerospace) and the Boeing Company (formally McDonnell Douglas). In addition to GSI, he founded two other high-tech businesses that have since been acquired and are still in operation some 30 to 40 years later.

Social Media Handles:

  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimwasson58/

  • Website: https://growth-strategies-intl.business.site/

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