# 155 | Identify Your Life Theme For Ultimate Success | Authentic Design For Phenomenal Sales | John Voris

Manuj Aggarwal and John Voris will be talking about how to get to know your Life Theme, as well as to know the Life Theme of your clients, to succeed in business.

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In this episode, we will learn about:

  • Inventing a ground-breaking approach to sell
  • Merging different knowledge approaches
  • The four life themes
  • Happiness and the life theme
  • Selling what they are buying
  • Entrepreneurship and the life theme

About John Voris

After 20 years of unsuccessful cold-call selling, John decided to throw out everything and

take a fresh approach. Drawing on his degree in Philosophy, he invented a ground-breaking

approach to personal inquiry that revealed a person’s life motivation and authentic design

far beyond sales – and was successful within six months! Now, as CEO of Authentic

Systems, John educates using practical and teachable methods and techniques based on

European Psychology that guides others in their life choices regarding success or failure in

their career, business relationships, and personal development and well-being. Often

compared to Jordan Peterson by his colleagues, John is an international best-selling author

and passionate about leading people to attain their life goals by helping them find their true


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