149 | Journey To Self-Discovery | Overcoming Challenges & Achieving Life Purpose | Sara Troy

Manuj Aggarwal and Sara Troy talk about self-discovering, how to build a community of people through the common interest of self-discovering.

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 In this episode, we will learn about:

· Discovering yourself

· On discovering the purpose in life

· Importance of communication and networking 

· How to create exposure in social media 

· Building a community of self-discoverers

· Entrepreneurship as a self-discovering journey

· Importance of building a community

· Setting our minds to success

· Choosing to see possibilities and opportunities


About Sara Troy

Sara Troy. Sara is the owner and host of Self Discovery MEDIA, and Discovering Communities Network is continuously inspired by the interviews she does with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It shows her and her audience just how empowering we can be when we decide to step into our own Self Discovery. Sara is a Speaker, blog writer, and has her personal Discovery of Self program. Sara is expanding her repertoire to special organizations and courses which need a voice. Self Discovery Media has a Community Mentors directory for those who wish to share their knowledge and wisdom in the service of others.


Links And Mentions From This Episode:


· Sarah’s website:  www.selfdiscoverymedia.com

· FREE MindSparkers’ Inner Game Mastery Accelerator Series: http://mind.innerget.com 

· FREE Startup Founders’ Technology Accelerator Series: http://tech.innerget.com 

· TetraNoodle Professional Training: https://courses.tetranoodle.com



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