147 | Reprogramming Your Mindset | Training Your Brain For Success | Dr. Grace Lee

Manuj Aggarwal and Dr. Grace Lee talk about how to reprogram your mind to succeed.



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In this episode, we will learn about:

· Reprogramming your mind

· Understanding the purpose of life

· Programming your conscious & sub-conscious mind

· How to build confidence

· Importance of mentors & coaches

· Getting aware of your true potential

· Being driven by purpose 

· Getting up after a failure


About Dr. Grace Lee

Dr. Grace Lee is originally from Hong Kong; She was adopted by a Canadian couple at age 14. Through the trauma and hardships during her childhood, she became passionate about the human brain and behavior. This inspired her to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She has since discovered many unique applications of behavioral neuroscience in helping people make meaningful career and life decisions that are often seen as daunting. She has been a career coach, a professional development expert, and a keynote speaker for ten years. Eventually, Dr. Lee started her own heart-driven entrepreneurial journey after reinventing her own career multiple times.

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