143 | Raising Funds For Your Startup | Things VCs & Investors Look For | Kevin Van Eekeren

Manuj Aggarwal and Kevin Van Eekeren talk about how to grow your business and raise money.

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 In this episode, we will learn about:

· Recruiting funders and users

· Building a solid customer base

· Launching your first business

· Importance of bootstrapping

· When a business is ready to raise money

· What investors look for in startups

· Typical mistakes entrepreneurs make


About Kevin Van Eekeren

Kevin Van Eekeren is currently the CEO of Fulcrum Investing, but he started his career training SWAT teams nationwide. Recognizing a gap in the market in 2008, Kevin started Fulcrum Tactical, a realistic tactical training charity available to law enforcement only. When the time was right, he took it for-profit and grew it to a national organization, in 2014 he sold the company to get into investing. Fulcrum Investing was born, the process Fulcrum Investing uses to vet startups is very entrepreneur-focused, with over 50 investments nationwide, Fulcrum Investing is making waves in the investing world.



 Links And Mentions From This Episode:


· Kevin’s Website: https://www.fulcruminvesting.com/

· FREE MindSparkers’ Inner Game Mastery Accelerator Series: http://mind.innerget.com 

· FREE Startup Founders’ Technology Accelerator Series: http://tech.innerget.com 

· TetraNoodle Professional Training: https://courses.tetranoodle.com



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