139 | Awakening Your Authentic Self | Personal Development For Entrepreneurs | Toni Bub

Manuj Aggarwal and Toni Bubb talk about how to awake and let your authentic self spring while accomplishing your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.


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In this episode, we will learn about:

· Awakening to your authentic self

· Getting up after a failed business 

· Transforming a bad character trait into a good one

· Becoming a dreamer entrepreneur

· Importance of mentors

· Launching a business on your own

· Setting your mind to become a dreamer entrepreneur

· Importance of personal development for entrepreneurs


About Toni Bubb

The day Toni Bubb bought a one-way flight ticket to an island and quit her job with no plans would end up being one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of her life. It led her on a soul journey that has enabled her to step into her true authentic self. Now she uses her experiences of burnout and working with companies of all different sizes to be an advocate for human sustainability through coaching, connection, and creativity. She considers herself a Professional lover of Life!



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