136 | Emotional Intelligence For Authentic Leadership | Enhancing Consciousness | Phil Johnson

Manuj Aggarwal and Phil Johnson talk about how to enhance our level of consciousness and how developing emotional intelligence will lead to authentic leadership. 

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In this episode, we will learn about:

· Why the lack of employee engagement is a problem

· Why people are irreplaceable

· Emotional Intelligence and Productivity

· Increasing your level of consciousness

· How to find your unique values

· How to be an authentic , more productive worker and entrepreneur

· The Master of Business Leadership Program

· Launching a business based on your own unique values


About Phil Johnson


Phil Johnson sustains that a problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness that created the problem. No one can act beyond their current level of consciousness. The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence leads to higher consciousness and what is often be perceived as magical results. For the past two decades, Phil Johnson has been a passionate coach, speaker, author, and podcast host within the emerging discipline of Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. He has helped over 500 executives and their organizations get the results they want.


Links And Mentions From This Episode:

· Phil’s Website: http://masterofbusinessleadership.libsyn.com/

· FREE MindSparkers’ Inner Game Mastery Accelerator Series: http://mind.innerget.com 

· FREE Startup Founders’ Technology Accelerator Series: http://tech.innerget.com 

· TetraNoodle professional training: https://courses.tetranoodle.com



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