Our Partners

TetraNoodle understands that every expertise might not be available with them. Hence it partners with the best to make sure best solutions are offered. We considers our partners an integral part of the team, and gratefully acknowledges them for their continued support.

Here are some vital partnerships


Innovify brings an additional advantage to TetraNoodle in terms of broader development capability.

Innovify streamlines the development process; making it leaner, more efficient, more collaborative and hence enabling start-ups to have a better shot at successfully entering the market.

It makes it easier for ailing companies to breathe new life into their brand with new technology.

Innovify has enough confidence in their capability to accept equity in exchange for product development. It’s been a winning formula so far, with initial ventures going from strength to strength, an array of exciting projects in the works, and projections for 100 launches by 2021.


Business Tech Development
Tech Adaption
Mobile Development
Lean Technology Adoption
Enterprise Application Development

Growth Pixel

Growth Pixel helps TetraNoodle get access to marketing, communication, branding & UI/UX solutions critical to any business success.

Growth Pixel through it’s ABC (Advisory, Building and Coaching) Services help businesses validate their business idea in real world.

Their extensive experience in analysing consumer behaviour and activity brings invaluable experience to understand “what would work and what would not”

Growth Pixel, with their practical experience in various businesses, aims to help 100 businesses every fiscal. They believe in not assuming but learning about customers to get real insights instead of presumed insights.


Consumer Behavior
Marketing Strategy
Funnel Optimisation
Growth Enablement
Brand Positioning

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