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TetraNoodle's Fractional CTO Services

We, at TetraNoodle, understand that figuring the technology can be one of the most tricky parts of getting your business to scale and profitability. And that having a full time CTO is not yielding positive RoI for you!

This is where, our Fractional CTO Services is the best option! With our Fractional CTO Services you get:

Solution Blueprints & Cost Optimization

One of the biggest problems facing technical teams is figuring out which path leads to the optimal solution. Some engineers lack understanding of priorities and constraints, while we can provide the architecture which will save money and deliver the same on-time. We optimized technical development cost by giving access to offshore pricing!

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Computing has made huge strides in making robust infrastructures more accessible at just a fraction of the cost it used to be. We can help you get started with any private, public or hybrid cloud system and migrate your network quickly and easily. We have trained over 55,000 students across 175 countries in Cloud and it’s adoption!

System Integration

In this digital age, no application lives in isolation. From APIs to web services or any other proprietary means, we help your enterprise systems communicate efficiently. At TetraNoodle, we have helped develop 2 specification bodies to build message interchange format specification for health care and education Industries

Security, Compliance and Duedeligence

Keeping all systems safe and secure is our number one priority, just as it should be yours. We make sure that your systems comply with regulatory standards. We can help you set up safeguards that keep your network protected and secure from all known threats. We also carry Duedeligence on your behalf.